Sam Klemke's Time Machine Movie

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World Premiere:

Jan. 22-Feb. 1, 2015

Sundance Film Festival


Also Showing at Rotterdam Int'l Film Festival 2015




A lifetime Chronic Chronicler, Sam has been recording his life on many technologies, since childhood, sticking his cameras in front of people and himself for over 46 years…Time itself has become his canvas, filming his own life as it unfolds, including all the interesting people he's met and befriended  along his journey through existence… 

A Documentary
by Closer Productions

Directed by Matthew Bate

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Sam Klemke's Time Machine

World Premiere at Sundance:
Jan 2015


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Ultimessence YouTube Sculpture of Sam Klemke by Celestia Ward at

YouTube viral video: "35 Years Backwards in Time"
May 2011

Sam Klemke's Time Machine Trailer

Always "be yourself"


Sam Klemke recording s Year End Summary (YES) 2013 on the Oregon Coast
I can't believe I made it through the year.....!

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Sam Klemke's Time Machine Movie Sam Klemke's Time Machine Movie